2. Start Reading . . .

Yes, you'll need to read the Foreword, Preface and Introduction of the Short_Course.pdf that you downloaded in the prior section. After reading I'd like for everyone to leave a comment by clicking on the comment link below. I would especially like to know what OS (UNIX, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, or whatever) you're using and what you expect to achieve at the end of this course.

What's especially nice about this online textbook is that it addresses one of the biggest problems people have when they decide to start learning LATEX, how to install it. That, of course will be addressed next!


Christian said...

LaTeX is a very useful tool for Mathematics typesetting. It takes time to learn it, it looks more like a programming language and it works about the same. Texifying is like compiling a source code. I assume is much 'easier' now that they've integrated everything into LaTeX.

Ron Bannon said...


Thanks for leaving a comment.

Please feel free to leave more comments (negative/positive) about the lessons that follow.

I hope you learn LaTeX well enough to use it for all your academic/professional work.