3. Installing LATEX . . .

If you don't have working version of LATEX installed, you'll will have to skip forward and start with Appendix A which will outline the steps on how to install LATEX. The typical installation on Mac OS X consists of TEX Live and TeXShop, while a typical installation on Windows consists of WinEdt and MiKTeX. So please read Appendix A and get ready to start learning LATEX.

Windows users should concentrate on section A.1, and Mac OS X users should concentrate on A.2. Yes, you need to get busy doing this, because without having a running LATEX installation you won't be able to typeset this into that.

[ASSIGNMENT 1, 10%]: The first hand-in assignment is to take letter.tex document and edit it into something more personal. Certainly you should change the names and addresses, and the letter's content. Also rename this letter.tex document as letter_name.tex (name should be replaced with your last name) and then mail a copy of both the source and output (pdf) to assignments@mathography.org. To allow me to keep track of your work I strongly suggest that you always use the same email address, and without exception all assignments must be sent to assignments@mathography.org.

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